Thursday, December 9, 2010

1400 Online | Assignment Options

Okay everyone, to catch everyone up, you have two in design assignments that are due by the 5:00 pm on Saturday, December 18.  These assignments are already in the syllabus.  However, if you would like, you may substitute one syllabus assignment by duplicating one of the pages below in InDesign.  You can substitute both assignments by reproducing the entire spread. 

You are to use the images on the jpeg attached to this blog, in photoshop remove any type currently overlaying the photos.  You will need to reset all type on the pages.  The goal of this assignment is to reproduce the pages as closely as possible.  Note type sizing, colors and measurements. These should be THE SAME.  Watch the margins and spacing.  Save the final image as a .PDF and email it to when you are completed. 

Good Luck!  You will do great.  These will be graded as all or nothing. Do it and get 100%.  Don't, and...well....

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