Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1430 | Digital Prepress Assignment

For this assignment, you are to prepare a file appropriate for a silk screened t-shirt for Tabasco.  This shirt is two colors: 1/2.  Attached is a file that you will use as a template for your finished work. You will need to determine the pms colors for red and green then apply these colors to the graphics.
Front graphic: 1/color (red), 4" X 4", center chest.  Back graphic: 2/color (red/green), 10" X 10", centered.  The assumption is that this shirt will be printed on a light colored t-shirt.
You will need to submit labeled separations for the front and back at 100%.  You are also to submit a color comp indicating printing instructions.  This assignment is due at 1:15 pm, Wednesday, February 9th.

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