Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1430 | Pre-Press CD packaging

This assignment is all about the WOW!  You know how to prepare a file for multiple types of output.  In this, you are to design packaging for a CD or DVD.  Now, at minimum, you are to design a booklet, disc and tray card to fit in a plastic tray.  But being creatives, you should be able to come up with much better solutions than that.

The assignment is to be submitted in three parts and these will determine your grade.  1. Digital pdf file (25%) 2. flat, ready to assemble mechanicals (25%) 3. Assembled, complete package that "wow's" me. (50%).  The minimum won't do much wow-ing.

This is due Wednesday, Dec. 8th at 1:15 pm.  It must be in class, completed, for critique and you may submit it that day or you can take it with you and rework it, along with any other assignments to resubmit by Saturday the 18th at 5:00pm.  They can be submitted in person, my box in the AVC office or slid under my office door, GT 405.

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