Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2450 | Incongruities

All of you are doing well with the mechanical aspects of Photoshop usage.  Now, this assignment is designed to challenge your creativity.  You are all proficient in layers, masks colors and lighting but the real question is, can you combine them into an idea.

Incongruities requires you to place an object in an environment in which it can not belong.  However, this should tell a story or communicate in a fashion that looks as though it fits together conceptually.  That being said, scale, angles, depth of field, and color take a roll in believability.  I will be looking for original ideas, and avoiding easy cliches.

This image should be full color.  At least 48 inches square. This is Due Thursday, Dec. 9th. at 8:15.  You will submit it for critique but you will take the project and improve your piece based on in class comments.  The final for this assignment, with any other redo's must be submitted by Saturday Dec. 18th at 5:00 pm. Submissions can be in person, in my box in the AVC office or slid under my office door (GT 405).

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