Thursday, November 17, 2011

All Classes New Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy
Starting the Monday after thanksgiving (Nov. 28th) for every class you miss, or are more than five minutes late you will loose 5 points. But there is an upside as well, for every minute I'm late to class you get a .5 of a point (rounding up). [Please note foul play to force me to be late will reward no points]

So your probably wondering how you can acquire these delicious points, there are three easy steps.

  1. Be to class on time (or at least before I get there)
  2. Copy the word I write and how many points its worth
  3. Email it to me ( with Your Name, the word, and how many points its worth, all in the subject line.
Special exceptions may apply talk to me for details. (special reasons only)

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