Thursday, November 17, 2011

Art 2450 Assignment #5 Incongruency

The mechanics for this assignment is to take one object, and put it in an environment in which it doesn't or cannot belong. A great technique to use is scale, to help reinforce that it couldn't belong there. This project needs to be more than just a photoshop exercise their should be a very strong concept for why you are putting the objects together. You musttake your own photos for the project! No older photos or ones not taken personally will be accepted.
    Requirements and important dates
  • Tuesday (Nov. 29th) you need to have a half dozen ideas/concepts (that means 6)
  • With these ideas you need at least one sketch per concept, more is much better.
  • This project is Due the last day of class
  • You can redo it and turn it in no later then the finals time selected for the class

P.S. Assignment #4 Invisible World is due Tuesday after the Thanksgiving break (Nov. 29th) by 8:15 am for full credit.

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